Science fiction stories are those in which some aspect of future science or high technology is so integral to the story that if you take away the science or technology the story collapses

Think of Frankenstein. Take the scientific element out of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's novel and what is left? A failed medical student and not much more.

You may be surprised to realize that most of the books and magazine stories published under the science fiction rubric fail to meet this criterion. The science fiction category is very broad: it includes fantasy, horror, and speculative tales of the future in which science plays little or no part at all.

From here on, when I say science fiction, I mean stories that meet the definition given above. Other areas of the field I will call SF. The term sci-fi, which most science fiction writers loathe, I will reserve for those motion pictures that claim to be science fiction but are actually based on comic strips. Or worse.

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