Exercise Jargon pages

1. enough

3. inhibited

4. in theory, theoretically

5. regularly

1. The "etiology of this disease" means the "study of the cause of this disease." The author intended to say "the cause of this disease."

2. Literally, "histopathology stages" would be stages in the study of the pathology of tissues. The author probably intended to say "histopathological."

3. A "necrology" is a list of persons who have died within a certain time. The author probably meant "necropsy." Avoid saying that the necropsy could "confirm" something; necropsy is the tool that the scientist uses to confirm it.

1. After the operation, the cow ran into a defective electric fence and had to be killed.

2. Position the slide carefully to see the unique shape clearly.

3. I think the drug can relieve and curtail disease symptoms.

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