Exercise Message format and audience page

1. Probably not. Simple novelty or extension of a previous record usually is not enough to warrant publication. A case study must change, improve, or enlarge how people think.

2. The paper your colleague has proposed would have a purpose - to report the case findings - but as a research paper it would not have a message. However, a critical review of case records, coupled with a careful and critical assessment of the literature, might result in a valuable document. A case-series analysis or review article would help busy clinicians get information without laboriously sifting through the primary literature. It would tell investigators where things stand on particular aspects of the disease. And, if well written, it could suggest directions new research should take.

3. Yes, with proper choice of format. Written as a "me-too" series of case histories, the paper will probably be rejected. However, a case-series analysis that would include these data could be a useful contribution.

4. Only one primary research publication is justifiable, because all of the results bear upon your single message. However, this could be supplemented with general articles written for the popular press to reach other target audiences.

5. Psychological researchers, clinicians, psychologists, teachers, school administrators, parents.

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