Exercise Tense use page

1. Work by Matthews (2007) shows that Vespula nests readily in the laboratory. [Sentence is also correct as it stands, though slightly less smooth.]

2. In our study, bird size increased with width of wooded habitat, as Figure 2 indicates.

3. Beal (1960) also observed [or observes] that size increases with meadow width.

4. In our study we found that there were significantly fewer antibody-producing cells in copper-deficient mice than in copper-supplemented mice (see Figure 3).

5. Correct as it stands; these results cannot be generalized.

6. Conover and Kynard (1981) reported that sex determination in the Atlantic silverside fish is under the control of both genotype and temperature.

7. Correct as it stands.

8. Correct as it stands.

9. ABSTRACT: The cell-to-cell channels in the insect salivary gland were probed with fluorescent molecules. From the molecular dimensions, a permeation-limiting channel diameter of 16-20 angstroms was obtained.

10. SUMMARY: Germinal and somatic functions in Tetrahymena were found to be performed separately by the micro- and macronuclei, respectively. Cells with haploid micronuclei were mated with diploids to yield mono-somic progeny.

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