Exercise Title choices page

1. Comments: Overuse of prepositions and trivial phrases takes title over the 10-12 word limit. Two-part title is not accepted by some journals. Revision: Verruca [or Plantar's Wart] Recurrence after Curative Excision

2. Comments: Some (but not all) editors ban titles that make claims about the findings in the paper.

Revision: Correlation of Columbine Flower Characteristics and Pollinators

3. Comments: Unintended humor arises from careless word choice. Revision: Veterinarian Offers Medical Assistance After Panda Mating Fails

4. Comments: A century ago, long titles like this one were common. Today they are no longer accepted.

Revision: Bionomics, Behavior, and Taxonomy of Some East Asiatic Crabronine Wasps

5. Comments: Another overly wordy two-part title, with unintended humor. Titles should not be thinly disguised abstracts.

Revision: National Health Study on Lung Cancer in Women

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