Give the paper its final inhouse double review

When the typescript finally seems done, read it once more. Have coauthors or a colleague read it as well. It will undoubtedly still harbor a surprising number of "gremlins." Finding them now is a bit embarrassing, but less so than facing them on the journal reviewer's edited copy or the published page!

Submit the document

Increasingly, journal editors are encouraging electronic submissions because this saves time, money, and hassle for everyone involved in the process. Editors can edit the typescript on the computer screen, and, if necessary, reformat it to their specific printing requirements. An added advantage is that material can be sent directly to data banks to be stored and accessed by on-line systems.

Most journals welcome electronic copy from the beginning. Some start with paper copy, and delay a request for electronic submission until modifications based on the review process have been incorporated. Consult the journal's published Instructions to Authors for guidelines on electronic submission.

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