How big should my text be

Type size should be appropriate for the room layout and audience, which means generally larger than you first think is right. Swinford (2006) suggests basing text size on the "8H rule"- the maximum viewing distance should be no more than eight times the height (H) of the screen. If you then keep your font size at least 1/50th the height of the screen, your text will be legible at the maximum viewing distance. (In PowerPoint, this translates to an absolute minimum font size of roughly 14 points in a font such as Arial or Helvetica. If the text seems too small, it should be increased to roughly 28 points.)

For large rooms, some experts suggest 30 point boldface sans serif type. Never use less than 14 points, even for a small conference room.

Make all headings at least 2 points larger than the body text.

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