Intelligent use

Supporters who defend PowerPoint generally agree as to the validity of the criticisms. However, they endorse the program itself as an extremely efficient timesaving, enabling tool that can be used poorly or well. An intelligent approach, these advocates say, is to avoid simply slipping mindlessly into what everyone else is doing. Among the most vocal advocates of "intelligent use" is Cliff Atkinson (2005). He views PowerPoint not as a presentation method, but as a medium -an entirely new category of mass communication in which, almost like a second language, it takes a significant effort to become fluent.

These advocates urge presenters to learn how to override the program's defaults and start developing slides in styles that better address the needs of the audience and the specific nature of the material being presented. (This task may or may not become easier as newer, more sophisticated versions of presentation software arrive on the scene.) They also urge that a presentation be understood as a total experience of which slides are just one part, paying thoughtful attention to non-slide aspects of design, structure, and delivery.

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