Keep tasks in perspective

Each chapter in this book presents suggestions and guidelines for dealing efficiently with another of these sequential stages. However, along the way, even a relatively brief handbook like this one presents what can seem like an overwhelming myriad of details. A checklist may help keep you from losing sight of the forest among the trees. Consider adding additional columns with target dates for finishing each step and for the dates of their actual completion.

We can't resist one final word of advice . .. Above all else, keep both your sense of perspective and your sense of humor. Important as they may be, don't let the mechanics of writing the paper overbalance the intellectual challenge of pursuing a question that truly interests you and analyzing the science that forms the basis of your research. The excitement of pursuing, developing, and expressing ideas is one of the finest satisfactions of research and scholarship.

by Johnny Hart by Johnny Hart

By permission of John L. Hart and Creators Syndicate, Inc.

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