Number all pages

When documents were all typewritten by hand, omitting page numbers was a tempting shortcut, because it allowed material to be inserted or changed later without retyping the entire document. Use of word processing removes this excuse. Given the proper formatting directive, it will automatically repaginate subsequent versions. However, if paper copy is required, starting major sections on separate pages still can help to minimize reprinting.

Always number all pages, including (generally in this order) the title page, abstract, the text itself, and such materials as acknowledgments, references, tables, figure legends, and footnote lists. Once a typescript begins to pass through the hands of editors and reviewers, page numbers provide the only clues as to whether it has remained complete. Furthermore, these editors and reviewers must be able to refer to pages by number in their written comments. Some journals also require that lines be numbered along the left margin for easy reference during editing. Most word processing software can do this automatically on command.

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