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Entering over-under fractions can be a nightmare. Whenever possible, use a slant line or negative exponent to signify division. Change the format to a single line, like this: (O — E)2/E 2. If a really complex formula cannot be avoided, consider treating it like a figure. Furnish it in the form of a line drawing. Fractional exponents (X0'5 ) may also be used instead of square root and cube root signs (Swanson et al., 1999).


When writing or editing a typescript, one is confronted with a potpourri of grammatical and rhetorical writing flaws rather than neatly categorized sets such as those presented in a writing book or style manual. The "test" that follows is given as an opportunity for practice of this slightly more realistic sort.

We hope that one of the messages you have received from this book is that more than one way of revising is always possible and almost always acceptable. As always, judge your choices not only by correctness, but also by their clarity, brevity, readability, and communicative power.

Exercise 7.5. Practicing mixed corrections

Find the errors, comment on them, and write a corrected version of the sentences. Your interpretation of certain sentences may differ from ours, but responses should aim in the same direction - toward increased precision and clarity

1. The authors conclude that there is evidence that the limiting diameter lies between sixteen and twenty angstroms in these cells taken from mammals.

2. The inhibitory activity of the various combinations was studied and isobolograms plotted.

3. The site of action of EDTA is at the cell surface by increasing cell wall permeability.

4. Measurements were made of the pronounced lesions that were in the heart.

5. Numerous strains of T. cruzi are reported to cause chronic chagas disease.

6. In the present study, treatment is terminated when fish appear irritated.

7. The wasp S. maculata is a progressive provisioner and transports the flies held ventrally by the middle legs.

8. Figure 24 is a cichlid fish from a Florida pond where metacercariae (at arrow) were found in the gill cavity.

9. You should mix 1500 grams of dye with 7,000 ml of water.

10. Fruits in the diet of Artibeus included an orange, pear, apple and peach.

11. Ichthyophthirius is one of the few parasites of fish with cilia.

12. The authors encountered amorphous material of varying density.

13. The animals were equally divided into 5 groups of 22 each.

14. Cotton swabs were obtained from tracheas.

15. Many of their published results indicated that perhaps MG organisms may be poorly transmitted at times.

16. The results were obtained from HPLC a useful technique for the analysis of aflatoxins in feeds with excellent resolution.

17. There is a possible cause which must be faced up to. It is in regard to whether aflatoxin enters into the blood stream.

18. An excessive amount of solar radiation received at a rapid rate has been shown by a large body of data to have the capability of inflicting epidermal damage.

19. When the horse was circled to the left and right, lameness was evidenced which was not cyclic but continual.

20. None of these dogs, that were housed in runs and were not challenged by exercise, developed any clinical signs of heartworm disease.

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