Save your work often and always make backups

Computers do lose material - both during and after you've worked on it - and you must take extra steps to safeguard yourself from this catastrophe. During every working session, save your document at regular intervals. If a power failure or other problem causes the program to shut down while you are working, you can recover everything entered before the last save command. If your program has the option of automatically saving documents, learn about this feature.

For extra security, keep a backup copy in a separate location, or consider emailing the file as an attachment to a colleague or yourself. Remember, there are only two types of computer users - those who have lost files, and those who will.

Spellcheckers, grammar and style analysis programs

I now can quickly spell hors d'oeuvres, which grates on many people's nerves.

- Unknown

The incredible capabilities of modern word processing programs can have a profound psychological effect, particularly because changes are relatively easy to make, and mechanical aids such as spellcheckers and style checkers save a lot of tedious effort. However, be somewhat wary and not too easily seduced by bells and whistles. Some new tools can be a tremendous productivity booster, while others can seriously distract one from the writing task at hand.

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