To compile possibilities consider brainstorming random topic lists

When you truly have no idea where to begin, try brainstorming. Brainstorming is a problem-solving technique in which one person or a group suggests as many ideas as possible about a given problem or situation, concentrating on quantity

Things to mention about laryngeal neoplasia: It's pretty rare. It causes breathing troubles. I'm glad I don't have it. Radiographs usually show soft tissue masses. Surgery is usually used to correct it. It can be malignant or benign. Surgical techniques should be described. My patient recovered from it. About 10 cases have been described from companion animals.

Fig. 1.1. A list compiled by brainstorming includes a variety of ideas.

rather than quality; the result is a random topic list composed of brief notes compiled quickly without much concern for order (Fig. 1.1).

Ideas on a brainstorming list often overlap. Some are general and some are specific. Some may be earthshaking, others silly. This is not only acceptable, but necessary and desirable. Avoid making judgments during this stage. This powerful idea-generating technique works best when the brain functions in an unrestricted manner.

After an exhaustive set of ideas has been listed on paper, evaluation and organization can begin. Use arrows or numbers to suggest an appropriate arrangement such as chronological order or order of importance. Consider the points in light of the potential audience, desired outcome, and publication constraints. Now the list can be rearranged, edited, and structured into a functional outline, if desired or required.



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