Use special features to make sweeping changes easily on the screen

For example, become familiar with the "search" or "find" feature. Not only can you find and change words or characters throughout the typescript with a single keystroke, you can also use these features to standardize format and to instantly locate and scroll to specific sections of the typescript.

This feature is often combined with a "replace" option, which can be very handy but needs to be used with care. For example, suppose you wished to replace the word "one" with "two" throughout your typescript. Since such a short word often happens to be part of another word, you would find all sorts of interesting but nonsensical words peppered throughout the text. Questioned would now be questitwod; telephone, telephtwo; done, dtwo. This predicament can be largely avoided by specifying "whole words only" or typing a space before and after the word in the "find" box. (However, with the spacing option, if the word begins a paragraph it may now be missed.)

If your word processor has a thesaurus feature, use it to help make your prose more varied and interesting. Turn to it if you experience a mental block and can't come up with the right word. Try a possible synonym and let the thesaurus suggest and substitute alternative choices.

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