Keeping The Faith

A final word for those of you who are new writers and are feeling a little overwhelmed just about now - take heart, all good things are learned in the doing. Think about this new world of screenwriting as learning a new language. Learning a language takes practice, and full immersion in a foreign tongue. But with enough practice, at some point the new language will feel like second nature to you.

If screenwriting is already second nature to you, but you're frustrated by the difficulty of "breaking in" to Hollywood, well, welcome to the club. Is there a magic formula? No. But just because you haven't sold a script yet doesn't mean you won't. Don't question your talent. Instead, rededicate yourself to the process of becoming a better writer. Anyone can write - real writers rewrite. Over and over again. Keep your commitment to yourself and your story, figure out what you really need help with to make your script better, and go out and get that help. If you expect to write something once and never have to go in and really work on it, chances are you're not going to sell that script. If you are open to feedback, be it from a writers group, a class, or a script consultant, then use that feedback to become a better writer, and to make your script shine. You will learn alot, and you will be rewarded for all that work. But don't forget that writing is really about having something to say, and a story to tell; savor the process, and your personal joy in writing. Be in your story. That's your real reward.

I hope you found this book helpful. If you have any questions about the art and craft of screenwriting, or any part of this book, please feel free to contact me at: [email protected] .

Best wishes, Sandy Eiges

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