One Month Later

Anderson leads a small band of his men, guerrilla flag flying, down a narrow backwoods road. He rounds a bend in the road - and before him stands a line of Union soldiers, guns drawn. As the commanding officer yells "Fire!" soldiers charge from the woods, closing the guerrillas in on both sides. Guerrillas fall dead and wounded, but Anderson rides through. "Ride for your life, Jesse!" he yells, as he charges the Union line head on, yelling the rebel yell. Jesse escapes in the melee, unscathed, as the men around him are shot and killed.

As Anderson rides, hellbound, he's hit in the back of his head, falling backward off his horse. William T. "Bloody Bill" Anderson is dead.


GOODMAN and MARY, with two small children, cross a river as they head West in a covered wagon.

GOODMAN (V.O.) I believe now that he spared my life so that I would tell his story. Yes, he was a terrible and bloodthirsty fiend, and for this he has made his place in Hell. But who would act otherwise, when all he holds dear is so harshly taken. He fought, after all, for freedom. We all fought for that noble cause, in that brutal war. But let no one forget the terrible price we paid, that fateful day -

A set of gleaming train tracks, leading into the horizon. As we follow them we can hear the ghost echo of trains rolling and guns firing and men screaming -until we arrive, in silence, at a weathered old stone marker, commemorating the Centralia massacre.

In Centralia.


(Please note: this is only one way to write a treatment. Remember a treatment can also be five to seven pages, a far better length, by the way, if you are trying to sell a project from a treatment. This length, on the other hand, gives enough detail to start writing the script from, essentially functioning as a scene outline)

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