Submitting Your Script

Congratulations! You have finally finished your screenplay - but now what? Should you try to get an agent, or go directly to production companies? How much should you tell prospective buyers about your story, and what shouldn't you say?

All writers struggle with these questions, and there are no easy answers. Finding an agent can be a time-consuming and arduous task, although clearly that should be your first priority, since agented scripts get read more quickly than what is considered "unsolicited" material. But whether you are looking for an agent, or pitching your story to anyone who will listen, there are several things you must do first.

1. Register your script with the Writers Guild of America. This is for your protection -never, and I mean never, send out any unregistered material. In fact, never even show anyone an unregistered synopsis, treatment, or screenplay. And no, I'm not being paranoid. The registration number should appear on the script's title page. A link to the Guild's website can be found on my site, at .

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