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Be ready to go through a complete transformation in the way that you think and feel about having sex with your wife or girlfriend! Revive Her Drive is like a Cheat Sheet to woo your woman the way she secretly wants you to, and simply cant express. The solution is based on female-friendly, easy-to-learn strategies that she will love! How nice will that moment be when shes lying in your arms, happy and spent, and she actually Thanks You for helping her to rediscover her sensual self? Shell be grateful that you, Her Man, now that you have the vision and skill to guide her into new, electrifying experiences even if she fights you or resists you now. Women Are sensual creatures. We women want pleasure, intimacy, connection, sensation as much as you do! Ill prove this to you. Once you know how to captivate her, you can turn her into a pleasure-seeking device within 24 hours. Getting that kind of responsiveness is the feedback you need to feel confident this program is working. Discover how Robert rekindled his relationship with Lauren using the tools within Revive Her Drive by watching this short presentation that lays out the whole strategy youll use to transform your intimate life into one of passion, surrender and fantasies-come-true. Continue reading...

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This e-book comes with the great features it has and offers you a totally simple steps explaining everything in detail with a very understandable language for all those who are interested.

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Sex Hacker Bundle

Brooklyn based couple intimacy Coach Kenneth Play has designed an educational course purposed to increase men's sexual confidence and by providing techniques that create and maintain erotic bliss in lovemaking. The course is in the form of videos and is categorized into five modules. Just watch the videos to see how every skill builds off of foundational techniques, practice what you have seen with your lover or even on your own, and the master the skills you have learned from the course to become a sex hacker. The videos teach s foreplays, oral sex, penetration techniques, squirting and different types of squirting, and how to use your fingers and sex toys to pleasure your lover. The product was created by a team of professionals with years of experience in sex education, but the main man is Kenneth Play. He was once sexually insecure, but he transformed himself by first becoming physically fit. The other contributors are female, who brings different knowledge to the course. The course uses simple language that you can understand and follow the techniques taught, which are backed by science and research. Continue reading...

Sex Hacker Bundle Summary

Contents: Video Course
Creator: Kenneth Play
Official Website:
Price: $97.00

Newscasters Sportscasters And Weather Forecasters

Successful sportscasters have to be loud, knowledgeable, accurate and carry a big shtick. Some, like Joe Garagiola and Bob Uecker, make more money off-the-air as speakers and TV guests than by announcing play-by-play action. Since they don't have sex appeal and lots of teeth, humor keeps them in the public eye and gives them the nod on choice sports assignments. Even local sportscasters, like Glenn Brenner in Washington, DC and Warner Wolf in New York, use a steady beat of quips to build their reputations and bank accounts. They look for help from humor writers with specialized knowledge of sports. Some of the best one-liners are also printed (and paid for) by Sports Illustrated and other jock publications.

What Counts Most And It Aint Talent

They read about the writer's life Hemingway fishing in the Gulf, Faulkner drinking his way through Hollywood, the wild parties, the sex orgies, the drugs, consorting with the rich and famous on Broadway. Most of this stuff is dreamed up by publishers' publicity departments and embellished by academic biographers who hope to make their books more salable by romanticizing the subjects' lives. If you want to read some really creative literature, read the biographies that deal with the sex life of Emily Dickinson. No kidding, there are people around writing books like that.

That Our Reach Exceed Our Grasp

It's a struggle for me to explain why this matters so much to me. I can't tell you with conviction that there is life after death I can't swear that anything we do here will face an accounting later, and frankly I doubt any such accounting. I don't proclaim that searching for the meaning in my life will improve my karma, clear up my skin, or improve my sex life, either. But I do think that as humans, we owe the best of who we are - more the best of who we can be - to ourselves, to our fellow human beings, and to the future. Not because if we slack off an angry deity is going to blast us with thunderbolts or roast us in eternal torment. Not because its better to play the odds and be good just in case. I read a prayer once, and I believe it was attributed to Thomas Aquinas, and I'm probably misquoting it terribly, but the gist of it was, 'If I worship you because I hope to gain heaven, withhold heaven from me and if I worship you because I fear hell, then throw me into hell but if I...

The Title

The last time I made a speech, the program chairman asked me to talk about sex in the classroom (about which I am highly qualified). But my wife doesn't think so, so I told her I was going to talk about the problems with too much air travel. Well, the sex speech got a pretty good reception. And the next day, the wife of a member of the audience met my wife in the supermarket and said, I heard Bill made a very good speech last night. He must be an expert on the subject. And my wife said, Oh, no. He's only tried it twice. The first time, he lost his bag, and the second time he got sick to his stomach.

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