Physical Environment

Geography and terrain—Is the place mountainous, hilly, or flat? Is it rural, urban, or suburban? If it's the boonies, is it wilderness or farmland? What is its relation to water—is it next to an ocean, a lake, a river? Or landlocked and dry? What does a typical landscape look like?

Weather and climate—Hot, cold, dry, wet, windy, or calm? Does the place experience storms? If so, what kind? What is the most extreme weather? What is the seasonal variation? How does the weather differ from the norm (e.g., warm in the winter, cold and foggy in the summer)?

Flora and fauna—What kinds of plants and animals are typical of this place? How do they affect the place (e.g., gorgeous autumn leaves attract tourists; mountain lions at urban-rural interface points create a fear of danger)?

Built environment—How have humans made their impact? What are the architectural styles, housing types, other kinds of buildings? Streets, highways, roads—what are the traffic patterns? Where are the traffic jams?

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