About The Author

Ansen Dibell is the pen name of a teacher/writer/editor whose five-novel science fiction series, The Rule of One, has been internationally published. After earning MA, MFA, and Ph. D. degrees from the Writers' Workshop of the University of Iowa, Dibell went on to a diversity of jobs including delivering phone books door to door and serving as a college president.

Active with community writers' groups and college level writing programs, Dibell calls herself a writing coach: "Many people contend that creativity can't be taught. Maybe not. But, like any other sophisticated performance skill—from playing the violin to Bowling for Dollars—it certainly can be coached."

When not busy writing or coaching, Dibell is a Senior Editor with Writer's Digest Books. She lives in Cincinnati with her three cats, Gwen, Scrapper George, and 25+ lb. Michael Meatloaf.

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