Something Continues

When you've completed one scene and are ready to begin the next, especially when there's likely to be a rough shift, a jagged change, choose something to continue. Following a single viewpoint provides some connections, but that's usually not enough all by itself. Your chosen element can be a connected action, begun or planned in the previous scene and carried on in the subsequent one. It can be keeping to the same setting, though perhaps exploring/establishing a new part of it. It can be a simple verbal repetition or echo, like having "going" in the final sentence of the last scene and "coming" in the first sentence of the next. It can even be a more diffuse connection like mood, or some facet of the background environment such as rain or wind.

Whatever it is, choose something to continue beyond the gross details of the plot and the continuity of character. These, alone and not reinforced by narrative craft, aren't enough to

Pacing, Transitions, Flashes, and Frames 113

hold the pieces of your story together.

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