Business Letter Letter Of Application In Block Form

1234 East 10th Street Long Beach, CA 90811 January 1, 2000

Mr. Robert Roberts Roberts, Inc.

8888 Pacific Coast Highway Long Beach, CA 90813

Dear Mr. Roberts:

I am responding to your ad in the Long Beach Press Telegram for a parttime assistant clerk in your main office. As you will see on my attached resume, I have completed two courses in keyboarding and word processing in high school, and can type 50 words per minute while transcribing from recordings. I received a Medal of Merit award as a sophomore in the Business Department. I have also been a student aid for two semesters in the Counseling Office.

Please note that I will be graduating in June and will then be available to increase my hours.

I am available for an interview anytime after school and may be reached at (562) 555-4321. I look forward to hearing from you.

* In block form the return address, closing, and signature are lined up just to the center of the width of the page, while the other letter parts are flush left (against the margin).



Jessica Richards

Jessica Richards


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