Directions As you read keep a twosided journal

On the left-hand side, write down particular

On the right-hand side, react to each passage, giving


an honest response or reason for choosing that


particular passage. Your response may be


•an emotional or intellectual reaction


•a question or hypothesis

anything from the text which you find interesting.

•a possible interpretation

These may be passages which you

•an insight

•wonder about

•a judgment

•find very beautiful

•a connection to something else you've read or

•find confusing


•find distressing

Your responses become a dialogue with the text, not

•connect with in some way.

just a personal reflection. You need to stretch your

Write the passage down with the page number.

interaction with the text and involve as many of the

(See example below.)

suggested forms of reaction as possible. (It's helpful to

label your reactions so you can be sure you have


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