1. Use white paper that is 8 1/2 x 11 inches in size when you use a word processor and ruled notebook paper when you are handwriting. Make sure that the edges are clean; do not hand in paper with feeder tracks or paper ripped out of a spiral notebook.

2. Write on only one side of the paper.

3. Write in blue or black ink or use a word processor for all final drafts.

4. If you are handwriting, do not skip lines between paragraphs unless you are writing a first draft.

5. If you are using a word processor, double-space and use an easily readable, common print face font in a normal size (10 to 12 points). Although cursive and other fonts may look attractive, they are hard to read. Also, do not use a larger font or size for your title than the font and size you use for the rest of your paper.

6. Leave a two-inch margin at the top of the page and one inch margins on the sides and bottom. The left-hand margin should be straight and the right-hand margin should be as straight as you can make it. On ruled notebook paper, be sure to use the red margin lines to guide you.

7. Indent the first line of each paragraph about one-half inch from the left.

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