Friendly Letter

• includes full heading with return address

• salutation and closing may be very informal

16627 Cerulean lane, long Beach, CA 90813 September 20, 2000

Dear Mr. Bradbury,

In my English class at Long Beach High Fahrenheit 4.5/. We read the short story "Ihe Pedestrian' before we started the personalty enjoyed both of these works and the connection between them, because they helped us to think about the impotance of reading and thinking in a world where most people watch TV and movies in all of their spare time.

Your book, even though you wrote it quite a while ago, was so much better than the movie vversion that my parents let me rent. I was thinking that you should write a sequel and then help the people in Hollywood make a better movie of the sstory. You have a lot of fans who would be quite interested in what happened to Montag.

Ihank you for writing such unconventional stories.

One of your fans,

One of your fans,

Parts of a Friendly Letter


• return address

• note the comma between the city and state and between the date and the year. No comma is necessary before the ZIP


• a comma follows the salutation


• line up the closing under the heading

• a comma follows the closing

• only the first word is capitalized

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