Generating And Organizing Ideas

The following prewriting and precomposing/planning strategies can help you to think of subjects and ideas to use for writing. Most are methods of brainstorming-rapidly thinking of ideas without judging them until you can see the whole picture. Not judging is important because sometimes a "crazy idea" may lead to a very good one. Clustering, brainstorming in a circle, and freewriting/looping work best for generating ideas. However, listing, columns, and graphic organizers may move beyond generating ideas to actually help with organizing them. Finally, outlining is a traditional organizing strategy that is especially important for long papers with many sections to them. See Writing a Research Paper.

CLUSTERING: With or without bubbles. Put your basic topic in the center and then write down whatever thoughts come to mind. This is especially good for thinking about subjects to write about or for descriptive writing.

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FREEWRITING AND/OR LOOPING: Start by writing for ten minutes about your subject or about what you are thinking. To loop, go back and reread what you wrote. What are your best ideas? Circle them. This will help you focus your subject or help you find a new one. Now write again for ten minutes. Repeat as often as this process helps you.

LISTING: Quickly write down words, phrases, etc. as you think of them. The list does not indicate importance; it just lets you see what you are thinking. Listing can be taken a step further to organization if you use arrows and numbers to group or to categorize what fits together. By adding numbers to show order, you can turn the list into a JOT OUTLINE, a particularly quick way to brainstorm and organize for a timed writing.

Limited Teen Drivers Licenses

Con-Would make teens angry

Kids expect to get their licenses *PTo My experience—almost hitting a car while changing the radio station

1. Teens need experience

^2. "Teens do break laws Sj2-~\ Limits teen freedom \ 3. Increases everyone 's safeety

3. J Could be a hardship for working teens

COLUMNS: Do you need to compare and contrast two or more subjects, or do you need to show the pro and the con sides of an argument? Columns may be your best method. Brainstorming two subjects side by side helps you easily see their commonalties and their differences. Again, the details you see may be grouped or categorized and numbered to serve as a quick organizational tool as well. This method was used for the Sample Timed Writing in this section.

Limited License System



1-tliminates freeway driving

3 -Less indeependeenae and freedom

2-Less passengers to be injured

3 -Teens will break laws

1-tliminates Night Driving

3 -Limited to what can do/go

2-lncreases safety for others

¿-ÇnaduaMy eases teens into driving

1-Less accidents

GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS: Graphic organizers help you to see relationships visually. In this way they are good both for generating and for organizing ideas.

The Flow Chart: This works well for charting sequences such as first, second, and third. It can be used for literary analysis to show a character's growth or to chart changes that occur in a work.

Character Changes

Huck at the beginning Plays tricks on Jim

Idolizes "lorn

Huck at the beginning Plays tricks on Jim

Idolizes "lorn

Huck begins

to change

Enjoys Jim

"Tries to turn

Jim in but doesn't

Still thinks

about "lorn

Huck at the end of the novel Cares about Jim while "lorn plays with Jim Runs away from "lorn and all the others

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