Grades Feedback Scoring Guide Responses to Literature Essay Analytical Checklist

This is a generic tooll that can be adapted to a variety of narrative pieces.

Not Evident

Very Evident

1. Does the title express and/or deepen the subject of the essay?

2. Does the response to literature essay clearly address the writing task?

3. Does the lead draw the reader in?

4. Does the lead establish a purpose for writing?

5. Does the introduction include the title, author, and genre (TAG) to be discussed?

2 3 4 6. Does the writer demonstrate an understanding of the work as a whole and/or the significant ideas of the literary work through his/her interpretation?

2 3 4 7. Does the writer draw inferences from the text that are supported by reference to the literary work?

2 3 4 8. Are interpretive claims firmly supported by references to the text and include references to other works, authors, or non-print media?

2 3 4 9. Is the essay organized into well-developed paragraphs that support the purpose of the essay?

4 10. Does the essay include will chosen and appropriate language?

4 11. Does the essay use effective transitions that move the writing smoothly along? (see Transitions.)

4 12. Does the writer use a variety of sentence structures?

4 13. Does the conclusion pull the piece together and leave the reader with a sense of closure?

4 14. Does the writer use a clear authoritative voice?

4 15. Does the writer cite text smoothly?

4 16. Does the writer use standard edited English?

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