NEVER recopy any part of a timed essay

• TAG a literature essay by giving the title, author, and genre in the introduction.

• Assume the reader knows the literary work (do not ever summarize plot).

• Leave "I" and "you" out unless necessary.

• Avoid slang; avoid repeating words or phrases. Use present tense when narrating the action in literature--"Gabriel is jealous" not "Gabriel was jealous." Literature exists on the page; it lives now, it is present.

• Vary sentence structure.

• If your essay requires a title, it should give a clue to what your essay's purpose is, not repeat the title of the work under analysis.

• Although your title appears first, write it last; lift a good phrase from your essay for a quick fix.

• Include page numbers with direct quotes if possible.

Write for 10 minutes:

The last 3-5 minutes:

Important Reminders:

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