Personal Rsum For College And Scholarship Recommendations

Use the sample below to create a personal résumé for college and scholarship recommendations early in the fall of your twelfth grade year. The résumé should be a chronological summation of your academic background, your curricular and extracurricular activities, and your personal accomplishments. These can be arranged to emphasize what you want the reader to see first. In fact, you could have different résumés for different purposes—the résumé you use for a college application recommendation might look different than the résumé you use for a music scholarship recommendation where you need to highlight your musical activities. Your résumé will help the teachers and/or the community members you ask for letters of recommendation to give a more well-rounded view of you.

Give your résumé; any information about requirements for the recommendation; any forms you need to have filled out; and pre-addressed, stamped envelopes to the people who are writing the recommendations for you. When your recommendations are completed, write thank you notes to the people who have made these efforts for you.

Tara Jenkins

1234 Orange Ave Long Beach, CA 90000

Educational Achievements

Include your grade point average (unweighted), and relevant test scores with the dates you took them including: SAT, SAT II, A.P., Golden State

Grade Point Average: 3.0 Test Scores: SAT Verbal 470, Math 580. November, 2000 Golden State Geometry, Score of 4, 1998 Golden State Algebra I, Score of 4, 1997

Participation in Educational Activities

Show your participation in activities: student government, youth organizations, arts, music, sports, clubs (include offices held)

Federation, three semesters Math Club—four years Junior Varsity Golf Team—two years

Student Council Representative, Fall 2000 Member of the California Scholarship

Participation in Community Organizations

Show your participation in and length of involvement in activities outside of school: religious activities, volunteer work, part-time jobs, summer programs/projects, hobbies, etc. (including level of involve ment and responsibilities)

Volunteered three hours a week at Golden

Ballet, eight years

Parks and Recreation Leader for twenty middle

Church Choir, six years school students, part-time job, Summer, 1999 Church Youth Conference Delegate, Summer,

Bridges Convalescent Home, two years


Honors and Awards

List those that are most relevant and important.

Math Competition Award, 1999 Received Volunteer of the Year Award at Golden Bridges Convalescent Home, 1999

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