Proper Nounscommon Nouns

Poly High School a high school or college

First National Bank a firm or corporation

The Freshman Class a freshman in high school

First Baptist Church a church or temple or shrine

Buddhism a religion

Buddhist, Baptist a religious follower

Genesis a sacred book

Lafayette Hotel a building

Heartwell Park a city or county park

Professor L. M. Smith a professor at U.C.L.A.

Lt. Fred Bishop an army lieutenant

Vice President of the U.S the company's vice president

Uncle John my uncle

Father (used as a name) my father

Tuesday a day of the week

January a month

Memorial Day a holiday, the holiday season

French, Algebra 1 a language class, algebra

Atlantic Avenue a street, avenue, boulevard, circle, drive, place, road

Long Beach, CA, U.S.A a city, state, country

Southern California a southern state, drive south on the freeway

Lake Superior, Pacific Ocean a lake or a geographical feature

World War II, D DAY historical events the Enlightenment the eighteenth century

Democratic party a political party

Department of Defense a governmental department

EPA, FBI a federal agency

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