Revision Check List

WHAT IS REVISION? Revision is looking back with some distance to re-see and substantially change your paper. It is not just recopying the paper neatly or fixing the conventions. Think about what you have discovered while writing your first draft and getting feedback from others. What changes can you make that will make your paper stronger?

FOUR STRATEGIES FOR REVISION: Revision consists of four basic strategies

that can be done with at the word, the phrase, the sentence, the paragraph, or even the

page level.

ADD . ..

Support, information, detail, transitions, interest


Unnecessary or irrelevant detail, repetition, dull or worn out



Precise, active, colorful, interesting detail and language


Information, details, etc. to make more sense, to sound more

mature, to be more effective

HOW TO REVISE: Working on a word processor is the easiest way to revise because you can easily add, delete, substitute, and rearrange text. However, you may have to revise by hand, especially on timed writings where no computer is available. When revising by hand:

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