Rsum For A

• It is helpful to submit a résumé with an application even if is is not required.

• See the sample below for one way to set up a résumé.


200 Movie Avenue Long Beach, CA 90815 (562) 555-4321

• An entry-level part-time office position, with opportunities for training and advancement

• High School Diploma after June, 2000. Current grade point average: 3.0

• Baby-sitting in various homes for neighbors' children for four years

• Watering lawns and gardens for neighbors

• Volunteer camp counselor for Long Beach Council Campfire for two summers


• Girls' Cross Country and Track teams, three years

• School Newspaper Assistant Editor, one year

• Long Beach Council Campfire, eight years

• AYSO Soccer, five years

• Microsoft Word and Excel, Clarisworks, experienced user of the Internet

• Type 50 words per minute when transcribing from recordings

References available on request.

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