Sample ideas for writing a technical document

• Write the minutes of a meeting.

• Prepare a plan for how to put on a school function (dance, fundraiser, festival, art show, etc.).

• Explain how to complete a task.

• Write a report on how a science project was completed.

• Create a document explaining the results of an event that occurred at your school.

• Develop a school brochure explaining how to succeed at your school.

• Submit a proposal to a teacher on how you'd like to change the appearance of the classroom.

• Craft a proposal to your principal explaining the need for more computers in your school.

• Produce a brochure explaining how a make-believe invention works.

• Write a document in which you describe the activities and rides at your favorite amusement park.

• Prepare a document in which you explain the rainy day procedures and behaviors at your school.

• Design a brochure in which you campaign for a student body office at your school.

• Prepare a document that explains the dress code at your school for boys and girls.

• Write a document in which you identify activities families can do instead of watching television in the evenings.

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