Sample Persuasive Topics

• Write to persuade someone that it's better to eat healthy food than junk food.

• Write to persuade a reader that the best class in school is_and why.

• Write a letter to a younger person explaining why it's important to do well in school.

• Write about what the best invention is and why?

• Write about what is the best place to visit and why?

• Write about what is the most important thing to maintain a friendship and why?

• Write an essay explaining the best way to study and explain why it's the best.

• Write a book or movie review that convinces your readers that it is the best.

• Write about whether there should be a dress code at your school? Why?

• Write about which is the better pet, a dog or a cat? Why?

• Write about who has more rights - women or men?

• Write about whether students learn better in a single gender classroom?

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