Selfediting Checklist

I have edited my piece for the following:

_ 1. Sentences begin with capital letters.

_ 2. Sentences have appropriate ending punctuation.

_ 3. Sentences are complete.

_ 4. Paragraphs are indented.

_ 5. Commas are used in compound sentences, for listing the items in a series, and after introducing clauses or phrases.

_ 6. Quotation marks (where necessary) are used correctly.

_ 7. Apostrophes are used correctly for contractions.

_ 8. Apostrophes are used correctly for possessive nouns.

_ 9. Words I know I have trouble with or am unsure about have been checked with a spell checker or dictionary.

_10. Unnecessary words, phrases, and sentences have been eliminated.

_11. Use of common homophones (there, their, they're; to, too, two; your, you're) is correct.

_12. Verb tenses are all in the past or present or appropriate to my purpose.

_13. Proper nouns and adjectives are capitalized.

_14. Semi-colons are used correctly.

_15. Underlining (for italics) is used correctly for book titles.

_16. Parentheses and dashes are used correctly.

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