Subjectverb Agreement

• Make sure subjects and verbs agree in number. To make a subject and a verb agree, make sure both are singular or both are plural.

The plurals of most subjects, nouns, are formed by adding s or es. Verbs are more complex. The following verb chart shows verb forms that always take a singular subject as well as verbs that can have either singular or plural subjects.


Always Singular

Singular or Plural

Regular Verbs

(he, Angela) talks

(I, you, we, they) talk

(he, Angela) has walked

(I, you, we, they) have walked

Forms of Have

(I) am (he, Angela) is

(you, we, they) are

Forms of Be

(I, he, Angela) was

(you, we, they) were

In the following examples, the subjects will be italicized and the verbs will be italicized and in bold type.

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