To write a successful narrative essay the writer

• Chooses an interesting topic

• Uses a variety of sources to research accurate details

• Forms a clear controlling focus on idea, and in a few cases may include a thesis

• Establishes a clear context of time and place

• Arranges events in an order that emphasizes causal relationships between events

• Takes a point of view from which to describe events

• Chooses appropriate tone and pace

• May speculate on characters' motives

• Draws a conclusion from the events described

• Correctly uses the conventions of the English language

Possible modes of Narrative Writing:

• Original stories

• Parodies

• Autobiographical stories/sketches

• Folktales

• Biographical stories/sketches

• Myths

• Diary entries (fictional and real)

• Descriptions

• Captions to pictures, cartoons

• Memoirs

• Scripts-plays

• Children's stories

• Short stories

• Tall tales

• Allegories

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