Use formal standard English be polite and respectful

1323 East West Street Long Beach, CA 90803 May 14, 2000

Barstow Catalog Outlet Store Route 122 Barstow, CA 90857

Dear Sir:

As president of the Friends of the Environment Club at Long Beach High School, I am writing to attempt to correct an order we placed with your company on April 5th of this year. We completed your catalog order form and placed an order for 25 T-shirts with our club name and logo. We enclosed check #4505 in the amount of $248.75 ($9.95 each including shipping and handling) to cover the order. On May 10th, 15 shirts were delivered to our school with no information regarding when the remainder of the shirts might be expected. We promptly telephoned your 800 customer service number, and spoke to Mike. He informed us that he would investigate and call us back. He has not done so, and we have not received our shirts yet.

Please call our sponsor, Mrs. Evelyn Smythe, at our school at (562) 5551515 and let her know when our shirts will be shipped. It is vital that they reach us before school dismisses in June so that the students will be able to wear their shirts to our year-end and summer activities.


Boyd Ande/ison

Boyd Anderson

Parts of a Business Letter


• your street address

Inside Address

• name, title, and address of person to whom you are writing (if known)

• the name of the store or company

• street address of the store or company

• city, state, and ZIP Code of the store or company


• a colon follows the salutation


• explain your complaint or message

• double space between paragraphs

Closing and Signature

• line up the closing under the heading

• a comma follows the closing

• only the first word is capitalized (Yours truly, Sincerely, Sincerely yours)

• sign your name in the space just below your closing

Full block form is the most formal style. All elements are flush left. This is the preferred style for use on letterhead stationery which gives the return address of the writer or of the writer's company.

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