Use these same notetaking principles when you have to take notes on a textbook you

cannot write in. Although you will have more time to write out words, there is no reason not to use an abbreviated system that will take you less time to write and will still be quite readable when you start to study.

These guidelines are based on:

Parker, John R., Ph.D., and Janet L. Weathers, Ph.D., eds. The Student Success Workbook: Second Edition. Fountain Valley, CA: Student Success, 1985.


Management- I 2/18

formulas, dates, questions


to help you remember

Information you will

what was covered


Leadership / need to study

Skills -2 points

Skills a header needs,.

— technically competent.

— aJble to direct behavior of others


Communication must be timely.

4 cfaa/iacteMstics

firm, conciliatory,, able to meet

Exam - (conciliatory/

needs of organization' and

f firm-know difference


0 00 Orientation 4 points

Leader should be oriented toward:

— planning

— taking the "long view ''

Key factors that

Key factors affecting leadership:

inflwencce 4 points

<r a w Tr / 1. increasing government role

possible essay

2. information processing - computer



4. cash flow

Leaders must be able to

Must cope with:

cope with the increasing

demands of subordinates

to participate

— M.A.O. programs

— peer evaluations


MAO. stands for

management by objectives

f fa

0 0

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