Using A Hyphen To Divide Words

• Divide a word only between syllables.

cen-tri-fuge, mod-er-ate

• Do not divide words of one syllable.

length not leng-th, straight not st-raight

• Do not divide a word between syllables if one of the syllables contains fewer than three letters.

enough not e-nough, starter not start-er

• The following two-syllable words show correct division:

com-plete, per-form, ring-ing

• Do not divide proper nouns nor separate title, initials, or first name from a last name.

• Divide a word having double consonants between the consonants.

com-mand, let-ter

• If a word contains a double consonant as the result of adding a suffix, divide the word between the two letters.

excel excel-ling swim swim-ming

• If double consonants in a word precede the suffix, do not divide the two.

call call-ing guess guess-ing

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    Where to divide a two syllable word title"?
    8 years ago
    How to divide the word "imagine" in syllable hyphen?
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