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The authors and publisher are grateful to those who have given permission to reproduce the following extracts and adaptations of copyright material: p,8 'One in three of us are mobile addicts' The Evening Standard, 22 June 2004. Reproduced by permission of Solo Syndication, p. 161 Robot by Isaac Asimov. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers Ltd © Isaac Asimov 2000. p.28 'The Young Ones' The Sunday Times, 26 September 2004 © NI Syndication Limited, p.44 'Me and My Bike' byTomTempleton, The Guardian, 31 October 2004 © Guardian Newspapers Limited 2004.

Sources: p.12 The Observer OM Magazine; p.56; p. 12 photograph - Author's own

Although every effort has been made to trace and contact copyright holders before publication, this has not been possible in some cases. We apologize for any apparent infringement of copyright and if notified, the publisher will be pleased to rectify any errors or omissions at the earliest opportunity, illustrations by: Theresea Clementson p. 34; Cyrus Deboo p.20; Mark Duffin p.40; Glyn Goodwin pp.40 & 44; Belle Mellor p.42; Bryony Newhouse p.24; Gavin Reece pp.8 & 32; Rob Taylorp.16

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The author would particularly like to thank the following people: Cristina Rimini and Louise Taylor, and the students of The Greenwich School of English and South Thames College for providing written samples.

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