My name's Nico and I'm Greek. I'm 26 years old and I'm single. I'm an engineer, My hobbies are music and sports. I speak Greek, French, and English. I want new friends, especially from New Zealand.


text theme students of the world time 30-40 mins think about the topic

• Tell students to look at the box in exercise 1 and ask them what the words and numbers are (countries and ages). Check pronunciation and, if you have access to a map or globe, ask students if they know where the countries are. If you have students from any of the countries, let them explain which countries are near their country.

• Focus students, in pairs, on the photos and ask them to match the countries and ages to the four people (without reading the texts).

guidance notes

This lesson aims to give elementary students an opportunity to read short texts at an appropriate level for interest and understanding. This should help to boost confidence in their ability to read in English.

The first exercise helps students to predict the content of the texts using the pictures. This information will help them when they come to read the texts and should also motivate them to read about the four people.

answer key

1 India, 34; 2 China, 18; 3 France, 21; 4 Greece, 26

2 read quickly

• Let students work in pairs for exercise 2, i.e. label pairs A / A and B / B consecutively, so that they can help each other if they have any problems. Make sure students understand they should only read about two people. You can check instructions by asking a few students who they are going to read about. In feedback, ask the class and some individual students if their guesses were right.

• For exercise 2b, il possible, show students a newspaper and a magazine for I and 3.

guidance notes

Exercise 2 gives students practice in reading for gist. Focus students on the questions, explaining that they only need to read their texts for this information. You wilt probably need to encourage students not to spend too long reading at this point. Explain that they will read the texts again in a moment.

answer key b 2 an international website read closely

• Ask the class to give you an example of each heading in the chart to check understanding. Then tell students to work together to complete the chart for their two 'students of the world'. It will give students confidence if you let them do this in pairs and encourage them to talk about the texts and their answers.

• Monitor students as they are working and offer help if they need it. Encourage students to transfer information from the texts to the chart accurately. The exercise will show you whether they have understood the texts. Check pronunciation of words students need for the next exercise where possible.

answer key

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