1 understand different texts a Read the two advertisements for hotels in Mallorca. Which hotel would you prefer to stay in?

b Read the e-mail about the two hotels. Which hotel does Tess prefer? How do you know?

La Residencia

Dear Marc

I'm very excited about our holiday next month. Here are details of two hotels in Mallorca. Which one would you prefer?

La Residencia is near the village of Deia and has a fitness centre and tennis courts. Do we want a twin room with an en-suite bathroom?

We have to book it soon so let me know what you think.

Love Tess

2 describe a place a Underline the sentence in the e-mail which describes ha Residenaa.

b Complete Marc's reply to Tess.

Hi Tess

They're both special, but I think I prefer the Hotel Buena Vista. It's near the

We can go to a fitness centre at home.

3 use words that go together

Cover the texts and match the words.

r 1 fitness

2 tennis

3 twin

4 en-suite

5 free

6 room

7 outdoor

8 air a service b bathroom c pool d conditioning e court f centre g parking h rc

A beautiful old house in lovely gardens very near the Mediterranean Sea. It offers wonderful views over the village of Deia,




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