Restaurant Room Service Fitness Ckntre Tennis Court

spell check a Look at these words with c from the e-mail and Marc's reply. Say them and copy them into four groups: /k/ /s/ /J/ or /tf/.

excited centre courts special which can b Think of another word for each sound. Underline any spelling patterns you can see.

4 use punctuation a Punctuate the first two lines of the e-mail from exercise 1 below. Use ' ? • , and capital letters.

im very excited about our holiday next month here are details of two hotels in Mallorca which one would you prefer b Now punctuate this text:

what kind of hotel would you prefer the ramsden hotels in the centre of town and has a very good restaurant

Writing task a Choose a place to go on hoLiday. Find two hotels on the Internet, b Write to an English-speaking friend and describe the hotels.

¿o to self-assessment p.61 vocabulary diary p-63

aim to develop language for describing places and expressing opinions writing task an e-mail describing two different hotels

1 understand different texts

• Focus students on the pictures and descriptions of the two hotels. Let them read in small groups and help each other with new vocabulary before checking understanding as a ciass. Give students a few minutes to choose one of the hotels and compare their ideas with their group. This will help students follow the content of the e-mail.

• For exercise lb, students have to infer meaning from Tess's e-mail, i.e. she doesn't actually say which hotel she prefers, but she does give details about £a Residencia which suggest that she has a preference.

describe a place

• Make sure students understand they have to underline a complete sentence in Tess's e-mail. Focus them on the sentence structure in the description by asking how many main verbs there are in the sentence (two) and what they arc (is and has).

• Tell students to complete Marc's reply in pairs. If students aren't sure what to put in number 2, draw their attention to the final sentence in the reply.

answer key a La Residenda is near the village of Oeia and has a fitness centre and tennis courts, b 1 mountains, 2 pool, jacuzzi, sauna use words that go together

• You could tell students to start this alone before sharing their ideas with a partner or small group. Let them check their own answers in the advertisements and Tess's e-mail, in order to encourage independence.

answer key

• Write the four phonemic symbols on the board and check understanding by writing or saying one word for each sound for students to categorize, e.g. cold, centimetrei city, official I delicious, child. Tell them to say the words in the exercise out loud to a partner and put the words into the four groups.

• For exercise b, encourage students to add more words : if they can, then add them to the board as students call them out. The more examples there are for each symbol the easier it will be for students to recognize the sound / spelling correspondence.

guidance notes

Wherever possible, it is useful to highlight spelling patterns for students. It not only focuses them on accurate pronunciation and spelling of the target words, but should help to 'fix' high-frequency spelling patterns so that they recognize them when they see the same patterns in new words.

answer key a & b /k/courts, can, (cold, company, etc.);

/s/ excited, centre (centimetre, city); /J7 special (official, delicious);

use punctuation

• Ask the class to name the punctuation marks and write the words on the board. Recap what you use each one for and then tell students to cover the e-mail and punctuate the text in pairs. (Students did a recognition exercise about the use of apostrophes for missing letters in unit 6, exercise 4 on p.26.)

• Tell students to do exercise 4b alone before comparing answers.

• For the writing task, put students in pairs to choose a holiday destination and look for hotels on the Internet or in magazines or holiday brochures. Encourage them to have fun with this task and find places which appeal to them. Pairs can plan together, then write their own e-mails to somebody else in the class.

answer key b What kind of hotel would you prefer? The Ramsden Hotel's in the centre of town and has a very good restaurant.

ideas plus

If you can spread this exercise over two lessons, ask pairs to choose a holiday destination together. Outside class, they can both look for hotels separately and choose two to describe. They can then write an e-mail to each other, read and compare their ideas, and choose the best hotel to stay in.

1 think about the topic

Work in groups. Look at the pictures of garlic and vinegar. What do you use them for?

2 read quickly a Read both texts and compare your ideas.

b What do the texts say that both garlic and vinegar are good for?

1 salads 2 health 3 cooking

3 guess the meaning a Find these underlined words in the text about garlic. Match the words to the pictures (a-e).

peel /pi:l/ boil/boil/ add/sed/ pour /po:(r}/ cover/'kAva/

b Match the health problems in the text about vinegar to the pictures (a-f).

4 understand what the text is for

Which text is

1 a recipe? 2 an advertisement? How do you know?

5 talk about the text

Did you learn something new or surprising about garlic or vinegar? Tell your group.


Garlic is an important home remedy for many health problems, such as backache. You can make this garlic syrup at home and take one teaspoon every morning for general good health.

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