Bringing It All Together Narrative and Structure

In this final chapter, I provide a fully worked example of a substantial written argument, which I have cast and commented upon, so as to demonstrate the way in which the main form in which we encounter reasoning—the narrative flow—is perhaps better understood as an expression of an underlying process of linking premises and conclusions. This longer example also demonstrates in more detail how you might end up writing something based on an analytical structure, pointing out the subtleties of expression that provide a structure and meaning surrounding that logical core.

First, read the example, which is an argument I use to convince students of the need to reference properly when they write essays. Second, read carefully my analysis of the logic, broken down paragraph by paragraph (you might even want to try casting it yourself). Third, look at the way I try to capture the essence of the text in a simpler argument. Finally, consider my overall assessment of the ten paragraphs that make up this text.

Example text

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