Looking back to exercise 6.3, I would add the following claims to the premises given above:

a If something is a duty, then it is acceptable for it to be compulsory, b Economic development is pointless if humans do not survive, c American songs are culturally loaded with American values and opinions, d The help given by a personal computer is only available if you actually own a personal computer.

Can you see here how errors in relevance are usually associated with picking the wrong dependent framework premise? When we think that a premise is relevant to a conclusion and, on reflection, we decide that it is not, usually we are changing our minds about the framework premise that goes along with it.

Try changing the four premises given in these answers. If you change them enough, can you make the original four premises from exercise 6.3 irrelevant? For instance, in example a, if the framework premise was 'Not all duties should

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