For each of the following, write a brief argument (in analytical structure format) that establishes the acceptability of these claims. In each case, remember that the claims you use in support of the following conclusions should be more self-evident than the conclusions themselves.

a. Communism has failed.

b. Television was introduced to Australia in 1956.

c. Australia is a democracy.

d. We should legalise marijuana.

e. The two main political parties are the Liberal Party of Australia and the Australian Labor Party.

f. A broken leg requires immediate medical treatment.


Claims have certain key properties that we must understand if we are to be effective reasoners. The only way to achieve a level of control over our claims is to make sure that, as we write each claim, we know—at some level—how we are formulating each component properly. Yet we cannot ignore the contextual issues relating to meaning and connotation that will affect others' judgments of how well formed our claims appear to be. Making a well-founded claim involves, at the very least, considering whether we believe it to be true (on the basis of whatever evidence we have, or have seen or read) and then considering whether or not our

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