Guide to Important Skills

Use the following questions and answers as an index to specific advice in Smart Thinking on the key skills of reasoning. They are designed to help you 'get back into' the book after you have read it thoroughly for the first time; they also provide a basic summary of what Smart Thinking can do to 'smarten up' your own thinking. These questions provide a connection between the skills discussed in this book and the most common concerns that people have when faced with the task of writing an essay or report, or preparing an oral presentation. In other words, these questions show you how to understand and apply smart-thinking skills in practical contexts.

Each question is answered in brief, and then page references are given to direct you to the detailed advice necessary for you to answer the question for yourself. The guide is divided into two sections. The first contains questions that are more general and that are expressed without mentioning specific concepts from the book (the answers then give those concepts); the key issue in each of these questions is presented in bold type. The second section contains questions that guide you towards specific concepts that are mentioned in the book (in bold). If you have not yet read Smart Thinking through thoroughly, you should begin with the first section.

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