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technical directions that lay out the appropriate steps needed to reference their work.

i. If everyone can follow the technical directions, then some people's failure to follow them indicates that technical matters are not the problem. 6. The problem of some students struggling with the methods and skills of correct referencing is not merely a technical one.

The third paragraph is not reasoning:

As just indicated, there are three main reasons why referencing is important in essays, reports, presentations, theses, articles, and all the other kinds of scholarly writing in which students engage both at university and then, as graduates, in their professions. Without seeking to assign a priority to any of them they are: first, that referencing enables a reader to seek out more information on the topic of the written work, based on the references given; second, referencing acknowledges authors' ethical and academic debt of thanks to those sources which they have used to create their own 'source' of information; and third, referencing provides a method by which authors can establish the validity and strength of their claims by relying on the authority of the source to which they are referring. Let us examine these reasons in more detail.

It identifies the three reasons and then says that the paper will examine them. Since there is no attempt to argue or explain why there are three reasons, or why the paper is looking at them in detail, and so on, there is nothing to be cast. Then, in paragraph 4:

[The process of effective scholarship (finding, analysing and communicating information) involves an almost-constant acquisition of ideas, knowledge, views, and general contextual understanding.]9 [One method of finding the material from which to acquire this information, used mainly at times of intensive research, is to follow the leads provided in an article or book via the references to find, quickly and with a high degree of reliability, additional valuable, relevant sources of information.]10 [A well-constructed piece of scholarly writing will contain both information in its own right and information that assists readers in further information acquisition.111. Thus [an author needs to see referencing as a service to the reader of their work.]12 and, [using

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