Jean Webb

Director of Admissions Yale Law School

YALE LAW SCHOOL DOES NOT require a personal statement. We ask for a 250-word essay on a subject of any interest. If an applicant also wants to submit a personal statement, he or she is welcome to do so. We don't consider the application incomplete without the 250-word essay if the applicant sends something longer or sends a personal statement instead, but that's not what we've asked them to do—and faculty readers have varying opinions on the importance of the essay and the importance of following instructions. The 250-word essays are ver)1 short—approximately one double-spaced page—so we look to see how well people can express themselves in a short space. The essay ought to be well written, by which I mean that grammar, spelling, and organization should be right.

The essay ought to be authentic. An applicant ought not to write about something because he or she thinks that's what someone else wants to read. The applicant clearly should choose something in which he or she has an interest and perhaps some passion.

Four people typically read each essay.

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